Who is Aaron Marino? – And why do we love him?

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If you’re wondering Who is Aaron Marino? you clearly need to get your style radar checked, because there’s not much he doesn’t know about image, confidence and male grooming. And he’s quite often hilarious, we love that!

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He describes himself as a male image consultant, because that’s what he is. He’s the creator of iamalpham. and has devoted his life so far to helping guys achieve their full potential, physically and emotionally, because that’s what he feels he’s born to do. You can read more about him and his aspirations at aaronmarino.com, where you will also find DVDs, dating, In Person Services, Virtual Services, Career Workshops and much more.


Of course those things come at a price, and why shouldn’t they? It’s what he does, and he does them very well. But the good news is you can have yourself a healthy dose of Aaron Marino without getting out the Gucci Leather Billfold.

The lively iamalpham. website is entertaining and packed full of videos, information and products about style, fitness and grooming. Anyone interested in the male image can spend hours finding ideas and inspiration here, and I totally recommend you check it out.

I first discovered Aaron Marino when I was doing some research for a Tidyface article I was writing about beards and face shape. I found a YouTube video by him on the subject and included it in my blog. It turns out there are loads of alpha m. videos on YouTube helping men with all sorts of grooming issues, some of which are, shall we say, ‘quite personal’. Aaron Marino is not afraid of telling it like it is!

Swamp ass? Foul balls? Aaron has the answer!

I’ll be honest, to start with I found him a little too ‘in your face,’ but hey I’m English, I’m emotionally repressed and we’re not all that big on confidence. But even us uptight, hard nosed Brits can be won over by charm, sincerity and of course a sense of humour. Aaron Marino has all three in bucketloads.


Whether he’s talking about keeping fit or plucking eyebrows, losing weight or trimming beards, his enthusiasm for looking as good as we can and making the most of ourselves is infectious. It doesn’t matter if we’re short or tall, skinny, fat, young or old, Aaron Marino has words of encouragement for us all.

It’s not all about the lightweight and the physical, he tackles many more serious subjects such as confidence, disappointment and depression with the same passion and sincerity.


But to me the best thing about Aaron Marino is that in spite of (or maybe because of) his good looks, success and obvious confidence, he simply doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s as happy to talk about farting and belching, sweaty balls and hairy butt cracks as he is about etiquette and polishing shoes, and for that we should be grateful.

We love Aaron Marino. We can have a laugh with him. He’s like a friend, a close friend we can turn to for advice without being embarrassed. We can confide in him and say absolutely anything we like to him, which is good, because he’ll say anything he likes to us!

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4 thoughts on “Who is Aaron Marino? – And why do we love him?

    • Cheers Jared. Apart from some genuinely great advice, Aaron Marino is really great entertainment! So much better than some of the tosh that’s on TV at the moment!

    • Thanks for your comment Sylvia. Aaron Marino can be a little ‘in your face’ but I say get over it! He’s a great guy and talks a lot of sense when it comes to ‘guy stuff’!
      Take care. Peter

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